We know that if you search online you’ll quickly find an overcrowded marketplace with numerous competing companies offering a range of coating products and systems for your floor. But in such a vastly overcrowded market we recommend you to be “doubly vigilant”. Floor preparation, Moisture, water vapors, future traffic and chemical spills are some of the variables that you have to become familiar with when you are deciding to take your drab flooring from ordinary to extraordinary!

We recommend you our moisture-mitigating “breathable flooring system” that offers 100 times the permeability of standard epoxy floors systems. Our system provides to your floor a unique texture, pattern and quality. Available in a multitude of colors and opacities.

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Our flooring systems are as aesthetically stunning as they are functional. But beware of side effects…jealous neighbors, compliments, and extreme happiness!
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Below are the “general steps” we will take on your garage floor coating job. Your situation may vary depending upon your needs as outlined on your Proposal.

Power Grinding

Existing coats of paint, sealers or epoxies will be removed from your Garage floor.

Surface Reparations

All cracks and fissures on your deck will be filled and leveled.

Product Preparation

Our trained team members will complete the manufacturing of your custom primer, base coating, and clear coatings right on your garage before we start the application.

Product Application

  • Grind garage floors
  • Apply primer
  • Apply Base coat
  • Apply Full broadcast of “Color Flakes System”
  • Apply protective clear coat to avoid that our “breathable flooring system” gets any discoloration or any tendency to get Amber color like, stains or hot tire pickup.
  • Apply second protective clear coat.


Clean up is done daily, as well as at the completion of our work. Paint chips are removed and all our materials are packed up and stored neatly.


After our own inspection, you are invited to inspect our work and asked to complete the feedback card for our exterior painting job and the crew.

Palm Beach County: (561)674-4663
Martin County: (772)333-6000

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