Are you looking for a painting company that understands the importance of making your property look its best with the least disruption to your customers or tenants?

Look no further than MASTERPIECE PAINTING CONTRACTORS. We have built our commercial painter reputation over 10 years painting properties just like yours.

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Below are the “reasons why” we are the company you are looking for to do your commercial painting project.

Quality Control

  • Copy of work specification onsite at all times
  • Trained experienced staff
  • Top-line products from premier manufacturers
  • Protection of property
  • Sytematic approach to project breakdown ongoing and final inspections
  • Breakdown into smaller blocks
  • Organized team with a leader
  • Complete, inspect, & sign-off blocks or work

Supervision & Inspections

  • Project manager onsite at all times
  • Immediate point of contact
  • Provides supervision and management throughout
  • Ongoing inspections
  • At specific stages, especially at completion of preperation
    Final inspection
  • When block of work completed
  • “Punch-list” prepared and promptly completed

Competitive pricing

  • Estate accounts with Sherwin-Williams gives MASTERPIECE PAINTING CONTRACTORS excellent material pricing
  • Proven production methods that stress an organized, professional, and reliable rervice
  • Detailed written contract so that you and your client know exactly what is being paid for
  • A quality job that lasts longer and cuts down on the repaint cycle, giving long-term savings

The Color of Satisfation

When it comes to customer satisfaction, we want you to be certain:

  • That we answer to your unique needs
  • That we work efficiently to meet deadlines
  • That we have the process down and the project under control
  • That we do quality work, safely

Communication is our priority

Above all, communication is our priority, because when you need problems solved, you need a person and you need answers.

Professionally Staffed Call Center

Monday – Friday, 8: 30 AM – 5:00 PM. EST.

  • We can answer basic questions or transfer your call to field personnel.
  • All estimators and management personnel have internet access and email to stay connected.
  • We offer several support options including real time live chat support if your matter is urgent. Our support team members will give you instant answers to provide you an efficient customer service.

Palm Beach County: (561)674-4663
Martin County: (772)333-6000

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