Exterior Stucco

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Exterior Stucco

Posted on Aug 23, 2016 |

If you’re fortunate to live in a house with a stucco exterior, you know that texture is one of stucco’s most outstanding aesthetic features. However, it’s that texture  makes maintenance a little more challenging than with wood, aluminum or vinyl siding.

Stucco’s rigid finish tends to crack slightly over time due temperature swings. Dirt, bits of leaves, mold, pollen and environmental pollutants find countless crevices to settle into, potentially staining, discoloring or even damaging the stucco.

Groundwork for an exciting new color

Even with recommended, regular light-duty maintenance, the time will come when you’ll want to refresh or change the color of your stucco, and the possibilities are inspiring! Bright colors, Earth tones, Fresh white. Make the choice that suits your personal style.

But first make sure… the stucco is ready well prepared to receive its beautiful new color. This would involve cleaning the damaged areas, removing loose stucco materials, and sealing minor stucco cracks with a high-quality, textured, elastomeric caulk to match the existing stucco texture. More severe stucco damage may require removing larger sections of the stucco and repairing the substrate before repainting. Click here to see the general steps we will take on your exterior house painting project.

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